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winter recap.

We had a good little run of shows the last few months. Always interesting to see what happens after taking a half-year break: turns out we've gotten quite a bit more focused on sound and texture rather than the good ol' guitar rambling. If three people said basically the same thing after every gig then it's probably true.

Also, this might have been the first run where really every gig was quite a pleasure, still feeling ok about it the next day. For some reason that seems special: no disasters whatsoever.

Since there's no outstanding shows, we are probably taking another little break, let's see what happens next.

16-Jan-2016: Goethe-Instituut, Amsterdam (w/Molino CD-presentation)
20-Dec-2015: Worm, Rotterdam (Ver uit de maat Festival)
29-Nov-2015: ArtKitchen Gallery, Amsterdam (exhibition Hein de Kort)
28-Nov-2015: Plus Etage, Baarle-Nassau (w/Michael Moore & Joost Buis playing Hank Williams)
06-Nov-2015: TAC, Eindhoven
04-Nov-2015: Infamous Butchers #3, Butcher's Tears Brewery, Amsterdam (w/Ab Baars & Joost Buis playing Duke Ellington)

Especially the show in Baarle-Nassau proved quite memorable, sharing the bill with Dutch heroes Michael Moore and Joost Buis. Guess we were quite in shape, for a very attentive audience, a recording was made.

And here's the last 2 vids we busted out last winter, took a while to 'produce'.


on screen.

It's fairly quiet and peaceful on the action/gig front lately, part of our usual biannual relaxy time period. Although we did make a bunch of new wallpaper video's last winter. To get you through summer. We try to keep up and put them on our video page.

Here's two to save you an extra click:



Nice quick review here if you understand Dutch and don't mind our simple shit intellectualized.

Here's a picture that has nothing to do with the review. It does however have some connection to the wonderful live album that we recorded in Italy last year, and 'released' on bandcamp that same last year, even though we never mentioned it here at Central Headquarters.

Until now that is. Here is where you can hear (or even buy) it. It's called 'Christ Stopped At Nodica', and it's our best work so far.


michael moore's 60th birthday party.

Although almost ruined by the bluntest, most-uneducated, darkest bartender-lady in history (one had to take a deep breath before daring to order another beer), it was all too lovely being invited to play at one of our favorite music hero's party. Yet another pic by the wonderful Francesca Patella.


infamous butchers #2.

Infamous Butchers #2 @ Butcher's Tears, November 27th: Sleep Gunner playing solo Louvin renditions (as shown below, yis) + Han Bennink & Koen Kaptijn playing Kurt Schwitters. Lovely pictures courtesy of Francesca Patella.

infamous butchers #1.

Our new series @Butcher's Tears where we invite local heroes to do something/anything with 20th century vocal music, and next to that, force ourselves to play an out of the ordinary Sleep Gunner set.

sept. 27th: Sleep Gunner LP Presentation + Joost Buis & Michael Moore playing Hank Williams.

Here's some footage of our esteemed guests: