in the new year.

Transitional phase continues:
  • although developments are developing, the album is still officially unreleased but digitally listenable/downloadable here on Bandcamp.
  • we're presently learning a raft of new tunes to bungle.
  • our top secret Spring 2014 Italian tour is probably still happening.
  • we're toying with Barry Harris' 6th diminished scale concepts and being intimidated by the mountain of educational information emitted by Ted Greene during his lifetime.
Etc, you know, the usual. Oh, plus Guitar Moderne amazingly named us as one of their Top 13 Records of 2013, supadupa nice.

AND: an Amsterdam gig, 12 March at the wonderful Butcher's Tears brewery/tasting room (tasting room is open at 4pm, doors for the show are at 9pm, then it's €5 to get in, we start shortly thereafter).

Ah yes, and here's a preview of a new tune! Brown's Ferry Blues. Still upset about my hair.


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